This must be a new term “Indigo” for most of you reading, and might be some of you must be already be knowing about it. First of all lets know what an Indigo person is.

This individual is the one who has more of indigo color in their aura. And so they are called Indigo person. But that’s not all, their characteristics and personality also differ. And Indigo people are different then normal people. They are 1000 times better/ powerful then people who are ordinary, this should not be taken as an offence by the ones who are not indigo’s; as these indigo’s are born this way so that they can help in better way to raise the normal humans to higher levels.

Indigo people were born usually after 1980’s, some were born even earlier during 70’s. But after 1980 more Indigo’s were born. These children were different from the one’s who are born before this time. And also not all people born after 1980 are Indigo children. Only a few. But yes they are amongst us right now, along with the ordinary people.

So why are these Indigo’s so special? Indigo people are the one’s who are brought to this world to bring a huge shift and make it a better place. The old values, belief’s, traditions that don’t serve humanity and actually are hindering the progress of human minds etc. are the one’s the indigo’s are going to remove from this world. And so these people are going to have quite a fiery personality. They might be also termed as hyper active. But the are gifted with this hyper-ness so that they can help this world shift onto a better energy level.

Indigo’s are extraordinary people as well as are more spiritually aware. They possess super natural abilities and have a sense of knowledge that they are superior then others around them(not out of ego, but out of knowing)

The Indigo children are like- 

– they are with very fiery temperament, not that they get angry on anything. But they are the one’s who are born on this planet to bring change. They are the one’s who are going to help the world shake-off old unwanted belief’s, accept better reality and higher values. And so their temperament would strike when they see this not happening and would get furious.

– They cannot tolerate old customs and traditions that don’t make any sense. As some of them are also supposed to bring an end to these customs or break these customs.

– They are fearless, no amount of making to feel guilty or shameful by their parents would work on these children. They will always give very logical or philosophical reasons why certain thing should be done or not done.

– They dont have guilt, shame or fear. These people when were kids were very difficult to upbring as they never were afraid of either parents or any other person.

– Cannot wait, they are very impatient. They always are speeding up, as they are given the life mission to clear up the planet as soon as possible. And they have to do this along with their own clearing of past karma’s. The more they clear themselves the quicker they are getting clearing the world.

Indigo’s are sometimes misunderstood – 

Indigo children with their fiery temperament & weird ways of taking life sometimes make them termed as having psychological problems. Usually children with hyper activity are labelled as hyper active. Or some times some are labelled as learning disabled.

But these are not the cases, they know what they have to do as their life’s mission and so they will never do anything that goes against that mission. If an Indigo is supposed to improve the education system then they would never fall a prey to the weaknesses that already lie in the education system of today. They would either not do their homework 5 or 10 times, or they may go further and hold the hand of the teacher who was about to hit them with a cane! In both the cases Indigo knows that knowledge never had to be forcefully fed. Knowledge is always gained best when there’s a thirst for it.

Characteristics of Indigo – 

– Strong Willed

– born after 1980’s

– headstrong and very bold

– very creative, always have love for music, art, painting, dancing, poetry

– Behave older then their age

– ability to see or sense energies

– Freedom Lovers, they can never stand a situation where others try to bind them or tie them up to rules. Cannot stand depending on others, or others trying to make them dependent on them.

– Can never ever adjust, compromise or tolerate people, situations or circumstances that they are not comfortable in.

– They are born leaders, never like to follow someone; especially the wrong ones.

– have a desire to help the World in a big way.

– maybe diagnosed with ADD or ADHD

– may have restless sleep, insomnia, nightmares etc. Cannot stand being stagnant at anytime, always on the move.

– Bonds easily with plants & animals, but find difficult to gel with people having older beliefs that don’t work in this world anymore.

– very impatient, cannot wait. They want everything in a breeze. They cannot even wait for a few seconds.

So what to do if you find you are an Indigo?

Well, first thing… heave a sigh of relief. As you know you are normal. I too felt very good about myself when I discovered this. I was always teased by people, as I was very rowdy and highly hyper as a child. Whole colony knew when something bad might have happened to me that feels umm…. ok! now. Also no amount of scaring or frightening would work on me, I know lot of parents try this to make their children go to bed quickly; but when my mom used to scare me of ghosts I used to take her out at midnight for a walk and then she stopped scaring me that way as she herself is afraid of darkness.

If you too find you are an Indigo then first of all you need to figure out the life purpose for yourself. Because unless you are doing it, you would be under huge problems. All indigo’s are born with great responsibilities and so if they are not doing it they would be getting themselves under huge debt. And so might keep on inviting new problems in their life.

Also learn to love and respect yourself the way you are. You have been gifted with this different way of thinking as a gift to help this world. I know by now you might have heard a million times that you are not good because you do this… and that…. But learn to respect your own feelings, as Indigo’s are made to teach the whole of humanity to respect their own feelings as well as those of others’.

How did you find this article? Was it useful? how did it change your life/thinking?

I would love to hear from you, in productive & uplifting comments….

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