Relationship Lessons from the movie series Twilight

Twilight movie series is what we all might have watched, and there’s a truth that lies deep in us. We all fantasize to have a love life like that of Bella and Edward.

Life teaches us lessons through every spec of this universe, and so there are lessons to be learnt from this movie series as well. Let’s see what this super duper hit movie has to teach us to make our life more meaningful.

Relationships and how we relate to people around us, is all that we have to do in life. I know there’s more to it. But all we do in our life EVER is because of our relationships. And so learning how to maintain relationships is so so important to us.

This video above teaches us SECRET lessons that are weaved together in the movie. If you apply these lessons in your life, it is for sure that you life is also going to be full of amazing relationships.

Watch the video and let me know how you liked it, leave your comment down below if you feel there’s more explanation according to you, needed for any points listed in this video. And share this video with your friends. Sharing is Caring! And ofcourse show this video with all those people who you always want to be with you in your life. So that they too work for your relationship, you know its all about equally handling the relationship.

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I just realised that I gulped the 1st point itself from the video, once I uploaded it and watched it. So cannot undo that. So for that I am listing the first point below…

Lesson # 1

Keeping all efforts balanced and equal from both the sides.

How many relationships have you seen where there’s just one person who is seen making all the efforts. Its just one person who says “Sorry”, its just one person who does all the hard work in the relationship, its just one person who remembers all the important dates and organises a party… Is this your story? Well let me then check you, its not a healthy sign.

Every relationship that is swaying one way, with no much effort by one side, and majority effort by another person. Is surely going to have a downfall. Each person involved in a relationship have to give themselves of equally in the relationship.

Also efforts to maintain the relationship also has to be made equally from both the sides. Well let me tell you, if your partner never makes any effort for your relationship. It might be a danger signal that they might not be in the relationship at all, or they might have someone else whom they consider more important then you. And sooner or later accepting this fact would hurt you. But most of the dormant partner’s never do that because of the above mentioned reasons. Majority of people do care and love but will never try to maintain the relationship. Because they feel its s relationship.

But yes if your tummy needs food daily as per your hunger. Then there’s some food your relationship will also need if you want to keep it ALIVE.

2nd point onwards is listed in the video itself. Check it out. 🙂 Peace!
Priti Kansra

Mercury Retrograde 28th April – 22nd May 2016

Mercury is going retrograde from 28th April – 22nd May 2016. Which means its already working. Mercury retrogrades are famous for their screwing up drama. But as this site is related to everything positive, and considering everything happening is for your good. I am considering all the good points before and then the warning points later on.

Good things you can do during this time – 

  • Whatever you have delayed till now, whatever is undone, or left incomplete will now. This is the best time to complete it. Whether you’ve been putting off something since days/ months/ years. This is the best period to finish it off. Or giving a completion to it.
  • If not completion then something to push the one that has stopped for a while.
  • Journeys might experience disturbances, double check your tickets/ documents before leaving.
  • Misunderstandings or conflicts might happen during this time, its common. To think positive and trying to see the good qualities in the other person will help to stretch your tolerance muscles. And help you grow spiritually. As we all know nobody is ever wrong in this world. Its just that people are different and have different perceptions and choices.

Things not to do during this time – 

  • Try not to start something totally new during this time. Chances are that it might not go any further. If you have been planning some task or project for long and its start-off is scheduled during the mercury retrograde then its fine. But don’t make any new plans while the retrograde is going on.
  • Now if you are into huge business and stuff, you might end up into situation that are unavoidable. And you might have to plan and move around during the retrograde. That’s fine! world doesn’t stop when things like this happen. Just be careful with all the documents and know the T & C well.
  • Getting taken away by an argument and deciding relationships, career, money based on that argument will cost you not just money but also people and a lot of work in future once the retrograde is over. Its the mercury retrograde energy that makes you feel totally fired up and angry with people or situations. But believe me, it will all calm down once the retrograde is over.

This was all from me for now, will be back with more interesting stuff later on! If you have any questions or comments drop them in below! 🙂

What will happen on 22-23 September?


What will happen on 22-23 September, and what you have to do?

This topic is like buzzing everywhere on the internet, on youtube, and on just any thing social you can think of. I actually stumbled upon this thing just as september began. And was shocked to see how much info is present about it already on the net.

So here's what you are going to learn about September 23 2015 -

What's going to happen?

What to expect?

What you need to do, to prepare yourself?

Where to go from here?

So let's get into this topic. As usual I am using the Angel Tarot to get answer to these questions. Angel Tarot deck is what I love because it cuts all crap and negativity and gives us positive solutions right into out plate.

What's going to happen?

[To make you aware about the reading type I am
doing, I am not doing any reading that is going to scare the hell out of you. In life if anything negative happens, it happens with a reason. Usually the reason is to bring spiritual evolution for you. Though if I see something, then I surely point towards it. But I try not to make an issue out of an event that is happening(just to proudly show you how accurate my readings are), versus making you alert about how important the change is for you and how you need to prepare to be ready for the shift.]

What is going to happen on 22-23-sept?

So here's the cards, that I pulled out from the Angel Tarot deck. 1. Renewal, 2. Release, 3. The Emperor.

So these three being Majors, are quite pointing out to something Huge that is coming. Though I am trying to make this as practical & digestible as possible. Yet I want to keep the intuitive messages intact so am describing as they come. The Renewal card standing for the Judgement card in the normal Rider Waite deck.

  1. Renewal/ Judgement Card - This card on extremes shows that there's going to something like the judgement day. But this might not be for everyone on physical basis. Means not everyone is not going to experience the 'judgement day' on physical level. For those who are not going to experience it on physical level, might feel intense changes on inner level. These changes are transformational changes on mind, emotions and soul level.
  2. Release - To help with the judgement shift there comes the Release card or the 13. Death card of the rider waite. Now this card shows physical destruction. Though I feel there is some amount(2-5%) of physical destruction on earth. The major destruction will take place on mental level and emotional level. To help adjust to this shift you need to LET GO and LET GOD. Trust in the process of Life and let God take charge of making all the beautifying of your life.
  3. The Emperor - This card somewhat shows me a negative kind of authoritative figure. Yes there might be some, authoritative figure that might show some negative traits, or show their true 'face or colors'. Now this may not be too dramatic. It may just be a controversial public appearance or a controversial public statement.

What to expect ?

So now comes the cards, about what you can expect. These different types of cards Im bringing up just to clear off all the different things/ myths that you might have read on the net. I don't say that only my advice is followable, and rest all others are fake. Well I have tried to make this readig more digestible and practical.

What to Expect from 22-23 September?


  1. Sun - Sun card here says that there can be a lot of positive stirring up in the world. You are expected to be confident in yourself and follow your heart. Brilliant new ideas and new opportunities are expected to follow. While the two cards that showed up spontaneously made me think that positive thing is going to come up and you can expect the Saviour to show-up his face to the world. There is a little on your part too. There is a soul, part of God within you. And so you too are supposed to play your saviour self! dont just sit and expect some great force to come and color your life. You need to step up and color it yourself, as well as bring colors to other's life.
  2. King of Air - Speak with confidence. You need to be confident about yourself. Yes there might also arise some physical or mental conditions, try to baalance them. When you get fearful, confused or feel any negative emotions then you tend to being imbalance. To have confidence in yourself and your beliefs will make you balanced and happy.

What you need to do, to prepare yourself?

What you need to do to prepare for 22-23 September?


  1. Six of fire - Well for preparing yourself, you need to be ready for some fiery action. You can see the fire at play here. As both cards are of fire. And the first card says that there's going to be some movement, some action, some surprises, crowding and chaos you need to be prepared for it.
  2. King of Fire - Also this card says that to prepare yourself you need to be sure that rather then being prepared to 'attack' on physical dimension you keep all your sword safely covered. And just be ready and tread forward with your sharp mind. What a mind can do, a sword cannot do.

Where to go from here?

Where to go from here?


Ofcourse you need to know where to go from here. Means this 23rd september haul is huge, and there has to be some way that you know you need to go after this huge things settles down. And yes there is a way. Luckily a good way & Positive way.

  1. Justice - This card shows there can be expected more justice in the world after this thing settles down. Taking the cards meaning very literally. Also I feel that because justice card is here, there can be expected extreme punishments for -ve.
  2. Ten of Earth - This card shows that a happy family life will prevail. Or the settlement of this planet's inhabitant's as a whole one family can begin from here. But the results cannot be expected to be seen this quick. It will take years, but the seed will be planted from here. How much you can expect this card to show its effect? well just 1%, it can be more but for now I feel this is where it begins.


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So this is what I feel the September is bringing for us. If you too can read tarot, or you are trying to learn Tarot from my free Tarot course, then too you can try to decipher the meaning of this reading.... There is no wrong or right, you just need to tell what your cards say.... 🙂

Terriffic tower to Tremendously Truthful Tower

Last year I came to know the true power of the TOWER card. Saying this it really feels like saying Lord Voldemort and how you should not say His name. Whatever it is, yet the tower card showed its TRUE meaning to me last year.


Its not that I didn’t know the power of the card before. I read successfully for myself and other’s before that too. But as the year 2014 was a year of revealations for me. That I re-discovered meanings of various cards, happenings of my life.

Tower is truly a very powerful card, and to be clear it is the powerful card that can really shake your roots and make you question the mere base of what you’ve planted things in your life.

The title clearly tells you how you need to be very prepared when this baby pops up in your reading, or get your client prepared to accept what’s coming. Terrifying Tower means that it reveals a very terriffic thing to you that you didn’t know. Which you werent aware of. And tremendously Tower is because the tower actually shows you bare truth. Truth is the only thing that exists in this universe. And what’s untrue brings misery. Truth brings clarity and light. But truth sometimes can be so staggering and bitter that its difficult to accept.

You have known those times when Truth was the most difficult thing that you could digest. God is kind enough to not give us too many tower moments altogether in our life all at once. He has distributed them about everywhere in every area of our life throughout out life, so that you get enough time to digest them.

Truth the more quicker you accept the more quicker you adapt to the coming change.

And so Tower though being an extremely unacceptable or inexpectable card in our reading. Turning the tower card in your reading just asks you to buckle up and get prepared for getting some sharp blow of truths or break of belief’s, unexpected surprises coming your way.

If this post scares you, I can’t help it(LOL). But just writing it out was necessary. So I did it.

Now its your turn, what do you feel the Tower says? Have you had tower reveal shocking info about your life? Share it in comments below. Tarot can be best learnt by sharing your views & learning about it from other fellow readers.

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