Beginning + Major Arcana


Lesson 1 -

Beginning + Major Arcana

Today we officially begin with the Free Tarot training. So I totally expect that you have already bought your Tarot Cards & Book(if you need).

You need to get Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine. As I use this deck in my trainings. Also I use this deck for readings, and its perfect and very accurate. Also if you feel you need to buy a book to help you assist in your learning. Then try getting this book, its written by me. And its like a must have for every Tarot Reader!

So now getting started. First of all to learn Tarot and to become a good Tarot Reader, all you need is a Tarot Deck and a passion for learning. And I think you have both, that is what made you hop in here! 🙂

So when you begin with Tarot you need to know a few things. Certain things are compulsory and certain things can be done by choice.

Mandatory in your Tarot Reading journey -

  1. Meditation upon your Cards
  2. Clearing your cards(what I will teach you in a moment)+Carrying your cards for 21days+Keeping deck untouched.
  3. And lots of Practice!

Things you can do by your choice -

  1. Rituals with your deck. Before and after reading.(We'll get there)
  2. Putting your cards in a wooden box, and getting a purple or silk cloth.
  3. Getting a personal space for reading, giving a spooky feeling! (LOL)


Mandatory for Tarot Reading journey -

1. Meditation upon your cards is VERY IMPORTANT - 

This is like a must must must do for every Tarot Reader. You can just imagine that everytime you meditate, you just make yourself a better Tarot Reader. You not just will gain intuitive skills & powers out of meditating regularly over your cards. But also will gain confidence while you give out readings.

So assuming that you are total new beginner here, so you might also pose a question here. "How to meditate?" So to help you with this. I already have a great meditation for you, over here --

Just download it from here --
download full meditation program



If you liked the above Meditation, and would love to get the entire set. Then please go here...

Buy Full Meditation Set




2. Clearing your deck + Carrying it with you for 21 days.

This step is the second most imp thing. Clearing the deck as it will accumulate the energy of the readings you do. Reading are usually done to find answers to problems, and so problems carry a heavy energy. So deck needs to be cleared regularly.

Deck Clearing - Hold the deck in your palm, and cover it with another plam. And imagine there is a shaft of white light emerging from Heavens and entering your deck. And all dirty, muddy colors are leaving your deck. Do this till you feel its right. You'll know when its done!

Carrying the Deck - Carrying the deck with you all the time, when you are beginning. This helps you to make the cards 'yours' and also the help you get one with the cards. Eat, sleep, roam about whatever you do. Carry your deck with you. This step is most important, as for me. As I feel the cards literally become more accurate after the start getting used to my energy!

Keeping the deck untouched - This is huge. Tarot Readers sometimes let clients choose their cards with their hands. I usally dont allow to touch the deck at all. I feel they stay more accurate when I ONLY touch them. But its still your choice, you may or may not allow. I have seen Tarot Reader's getting equally accurate readings even with their clients touching their decks. But make this a point. Don't let any stray people to touch your deck. Your deck should be used only for READINGS. I know many people will come to you who might just want to touch and see the images of all the cards. Well, restrict! Tell your family & friends to touch cards only with your permission!

3. Practice -

So this lesson is nothing new, but all you know from your school days. You need to Practice inorder to polish your skills & boost your confidence. Do you know that you can get better and better every time you read your cards. Its not that you reach a certain state in your Tarot Reading journey, and bells ring from the heaven that "Ohh Honey! You are now ready for reading the Tarot"

You can start reading the cards from Day 1. Which I too did 10yrs back. And totally fell in love with Tarot.


Things you can do by your choice -

There are several things that you might find in Tarot books that say that doing certain ceremonies/ rituals or rules before reading or after reading is helpful. Though I don't say they are a must for everyone. But somewhere these rituals help you to ground and bring to your awareness that "you are Reading your cards!"

1. Rituals with your Deck -

There are many rituals that you can do with your deck, before and after reading. This just helps your mind to mark that reading has begun so that you can come into your wise and intuitive mode. And when its over, you again get back into your normal life.

  • You can burn incense sticks, or burn sage and run it through the cards. Before and after the reading. Some use this method to clear off energy from the cards. This method can also mark as a good beginning & ending ritual.
  • You can hold a crystal point in one hand, and move it around the deck thrice(or any number you choose) to mark as the beginning. And move it in opposite direction to mark completion of the reading.
  • You may also say a prayer, to your angels or spirit guide/s to call them + make yourself aware that you are now ready to receive messages from intuition. The prayer can be like....

angel prayer


2. Storing your Deck -

Though storing the deck isn't much of an issue, we can always store it in a drawer or a closet. But Tarot History has special storing instructions for Tarot Cards. You can do this, or not. Totally your choice. There are tarot reader's who follow this rule as an iron clad rule. Whereas there are other reader's who dont this at all. And still are reading well. So following these rules or not, wont affect your tarot reading skills.

  • Storing your deck in a purple/ black cloth. This cloth is either or silk or velvet. Why? because velvet or silk gives us an instant feeling of 'royal' & 'delicate-ness'. Also the color is of significance. Black or Purple color doesn't allow any stray energies to creep in the deck when its not in use. The cloth ensures that your deck stays positive.
  • Also second storing instruction, is that you store it in a "Wooden Box", which doesn't have any metal fixings. You can get this type of box made. Or today's world offer's a similar & easier way. Plastic Box easily fixes into this requirement. As well as is cheaper & lighter to carry around.

3. Getting a Personal Reading Space -

Getting yourself a personal space, is somewhat of importance. As all spiritual practices need a special space to make those practices more effective. Same applies to Tarot Reading practice as well. Now if you don't have a Special Space, you needn't worry. You can begin where you are, with what you have. Later on when its possible you can get/design your own space.

  • You can design your own space or get it designed, with spiritual symbols. Spiritual coloring like blues or violets etc can pop-up a spiritual corner instantly.  These colors are of the third eye & crown chakra helping you to get into that mood instantly.
  • You can also create an altar at this spiritual place, and decorate it with crystals & pot pourri etc.

Beginning with Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are total 78 cards, divided into two main parts. These two are named Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana has total of 22 cards. And the Minor Arcana has total of 56 cards. Today we are going to begin with the Major Arcana Cards. Make sure you have your deck with you, else you can come back to this page again when you have your deck...

Get your deck here... Angel Tarot Cards

Major Arcana -

Major Arcana is the first half of the Tarot Deck. And is numbered from 0 to 21. Totalling up to 22 cards. Yes it has a card numbered '0'. That's because the card is the first card and marks the beginning of the deck. And the card not just marks the beginning of the deck, it also depicts the same meaning in the reading. Beginnings in life. Birth of a child, new relationship beginning, new job, new project, new venture etc.

The Major Arcana cards hold a Deeper meaning & depict Greater shifts in a soul's journey. And so whenever you get a major arcana card. You know its more  important then other minor cards in your reading.

All cards have a picture and every picture holds a story. Try meditating on the first card, fool card. And then try to see what story the card tells you. The cards do speak even without meditation. But meditating will help you to get more deep into your subconscious mind and get best possible meaning for that card. Your subconscious mind is said to have all the answers of this universe, as its connected to the spiritual world.

Download your meditation here, if you haven't done it yet.

Try to flip through each card, and see what feeling/ thoughts each card brings. You can write your experiences with your cards in a special Tarot Journal or a notebook.

Assignment #1

- Clear your deck, and charge it with your energy(carry it around). Create your own space or prayer and follow it.

- Assignment for this lesson is that you have to go through each and every card of Major Arcana. Lay them out in any format and try to create a story around it. There's nothing right or wrong in this. You just have to do it, and then share your assignment progress about what you discovered.

To submit your assignment progress, comment below..


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