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How to know when to start reading Tarot Professionally? If you are into tarot reading and you are really serious about reading tarot. And making it your profession. Then this is a pressing question that you might be facing at every instance. There are several reason's why this question haunts Tarot aspirants. First is because you might feel that experience of a number of years is important. Then also you might feel that a certain age, might make you feel mature enough to appear as a 'problem solver'. And many other such belief's. Let's see into this....

What does it need to become a professional Tarot reader?

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To begin reading tarot you need just a tarot deck and a passion to read the tarot cards. This is usually there inside you, if you are reading this post. As reading this post somewhere proves that you are passionate about Tarot and somewhere inside you want to start reading it sincerely. Read through this post carefully, if you really want to make it professionally.

Apart from this you need to learn how to read the cards. You need to know what the cards mean. You also need to know to comfort and console people who come to you for help. As most of the people who come to you must be someone is trouble and needing help & support. You also need to have confidence with reading the cards.

You need to have some kind of experience with your cards before you get into the profession of Tarot reading. And so you can always begin reading for your friends & family once you begin learning with your cards.


Is there a perfect age?

There is actually no perfect age to begin with Tarot. Though being reasonably a bit elder in this profession always helps, as you have gone through life experiences and you know the truths of life upto a certain extent.

If you have been mature enough by learning about different problems through spiritual texts, then even practicing at a young age wont be a hurdle. As the advice would reflect your knowledge. Yes initially you might have to face questions.

Yet being too young like around 10-15yrs of age would not be advisable. Yes to serve people of this age would work fine, as both have similar challenges & problems.

When can you start reading?

You can start reading Tarot as soon as you start learning Tarot. Actually Tarot is best learnt when you have your own deck and you start practicing it while going through different exercises.

For reading for people for charging money you need to be experienced enough and confident enough to pull off as a tarot reader. As if you just rush into the reading process for getting money, I would like to warn you that you might bump into customers that sometimes are not pleasant enough. Well I am not scaring you. But this is a fact that you will get such people. As every Tarot reader has always had a story about such a customer.

Why? because people who are in trouble will only come to you. And it might end in them throwing their frustrations upon you. If you are experienced enough, you can frame a "code of Ethics" to help customer's learn what their ethical behaviour should be like. If they want to get reading from you. This helps them to know "they need to respect you". Though try to do it in the most polite way. As you want to serve, right!


Certification is not necessary but its important.

Tarot Certification

To read the cards, you don't need a certificate. But to read tarot professionally, you need to have a certificate. As it gives your customer's an idea that you have learned it from an authentic cource and that you are reliable. The same like getting a degree to make your employer aware that you can be relied upon with the subject.

Tarot reader's when certified, always give a sense of relief to the customer's as they know they are receiving "life-advice" from someone who can be relied upon and who has learnt from a reliable & recognized source.

You are always more relieved when you see a Certificate on a Doctor's wall, that you are visiting. You feel a sense of relief that you are in safe hands. Where someone is learned enough to deal with you well.

How to gain confidence?

Practice... Practice... Practice...

Tarot Practice

You need to pratice reading, inorder to gain confidence in reading the tarot. When you are a newbie and you are learning, you can always tell that to people you are reading for; so that they can be a help to you in the reading the process rather then just being judgemental.

Yes you might come across people who will question your experience and knowledge, just so that they know whether you are really trustworthy so that they can load you with their load of problems.


What to do if your readings are not accurate?

If you are a beginner this might happen, or if you have not learned Tarot from a proper source then you this problem might occur. Moreover if you are not confident in your-self then too problem you might face.

But this doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you. I have seen that inaccurate readings arise when the question is asked incorrectly. If you ask the right questions with Tarot then there are lesser chances of readings going inaccurate.

Also you need to practice more. As well as meditate upon your cards. Most inaccurate readings arise when you have not connected with your intuition while answering the question. Meditation upon the cards helps you to develop your intuition.

If you feel you are not connected to your intuition, and need to polish accuracy with Tarot cards.

Here's a great Free Meditation for you to begin with.

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Do you have any questions please meave it in comments below, I read all the comments and answer all that require one. 🙂

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