Mercury is going retrograde from 28th April – 22nd May 2016. Which means its already working. Mercury retrogrades are famous for their screwing up drama. But as this site is related to everything positive, and considering everything happening is for your good. I am considering all the good points before and then the warning points later on.

Good things you can do during this time – 

  • Whatever you have delayed till now, whatever is undone, or left incomplete will now. This is the best time to complete it. Whether you’ve been putting off something since days/ months/ years. This is the best period to finish it off. Or giving a completion to it.
  • If not completion then something to push the one that has stopped for a while.
  • Journeys might experience disturbances, double check your tickets/ documents before leaving.
  • Misunderstandings or conflicts might happen during this time, its common. To think positive and trying to see the good qualities in the other person will help to stretch your tolerance muscles. And help you grow spiritually. As we all know nobody is ever wrong in this world. Its just that people are different and have different perceptions and choices.

Things not to do during this time – 

  • Try not to start something totally new during this time. Chances are that it might not go any further. If you have been planning some task or project for long and its start-off is scheduled during the mercury retrograde then its fine. But don’t make any new plans while the retrograde is going on.
  • Now if you are into huge business and stuff, you might end up into situation that are unavoidable. And you might have to plan and move around during the retrograde. That’s fine! world doesn’t stop when things like this happen. Just be careful with all the documents and know the T & C well.
  • Getting taken away by an argument and deciding relationships, career, money based on that argument will cost you not just money but also people and a lot of work in future once the retrograde is over. Its the mercury retrograde energy that makes you feel totally fired up and angry with people or situations. But believe me, it will all calm down once the retrograde is over.

This was all from me for now, will be back with more interesting stuff later on! If you have any questions or comments drop them in below! 🙂

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