9 Power lessons from the movie Baahubali

true Power Lessons to help you improve your life

Baahubali is the movie that is doing accolades all over the world. And there are various reasons why it is being accepted all over the world. Power is something that every body in this world is craving for. People have a lot of dreams and to fulfill them, they just need to have lot of powers. And if you have a lot of power you’ll not just be able to achieve all your dreams, but you’ll also be able to be more and do more.

So here are several lessons that we get to learn from the movie Baahubali. This movie teaches a lot more lessons, but these lessons that I just fetched from the movie I feel are the one’s that people search for the most.

So here are the lessons that this movie has to teach us –

  1. Goodness is always a step ahead
  2. Being a human gives you a greater power
  3. Love gives you the biggest strength
  4. If you love someone, trust your heart more then your ears(big time)
  5. Goodness never goes hidden
  6. God sees intention, rather then worship/ ceremonies
  7. Power comes to the one who deserves it, and not to the one who craves for it.
  8. Life’s biggest achievement is winning hearts of people.
  9. Your calling will always be clear.

These are all the points that are discussed in detail in the video given above. Make it a point to watch the video entirely, its gonna change your life forever.

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Until then keep following the path of your soul’s purpose, because you’re born for a Reason!

Priti Kansra




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Relationship Lessons from the movie series Twilight

Twilight movie series is what we all might have watched, and there’s a truth that lies deep in us. We all fantasize to have a love life like that of Bella and Edward.

Life teaches us lessons through every spec of this universe, and so there are lessons to be learnt from this movie series as well. Let’s see what this super duper hit movie has to teach us to make our life more meaningful.

Relationships and how we relate to people around us, is all that we have to do in life. I know there’s more to it. But all we do in our life EVER is because of our relationships. And so learning how to maintain relationships is so so important to us.

This video above teaches us SECRET lessons that are weaved together in the movie. If you apply these lessons in your life, it is for sure that you life is also going to be full of amazing relationships.

Watch the video and let me know how you liked it, leave your comment down below if you feel there’s more explanation according to you, needed for any points listed in this video. And share this video with your friends. Sharing is Caring! And ofcourse show this video with all those people who you always want to be with you in your life. So that they too work for your relationship, you know its all about equally handling the relationship.

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I just realised that I gulped the 1st point itself from the video, once I uploaded it and watched it. So cannot undo that. So for that I am listing the first point below…

Lesson # 1

Keeping all efforts balanced and equal from both the sides.

How many relationships have you seen where there’s just one person who is seen making all the efforts. Its just one person who says “Sorry”, its just one person who does all the hard work in the relationship, its just one person who remembers all the important dates and organises a party… Is this your story? Well let me then check you, its not a healthy sign.

Every relationship that is swaying one way, with no much effort by one side, and majority effort by another person. Is surely going to have a downfall. Each person involved in a relationship have to give themselves of equally in the relationship.

Also efforts to maintain the relationship also has to be made equally from both the sides. Well let me tell you, if your partner never makes any effort for your relationship. It might be a danger signal that they might not be in the relationship at all, or they might have someone else whom they consider more important then you. And sooner or later accepting this fact would hurt you. But most of the dormant partner’s never do that because of the above mentioned reasons. Majority of people do care and love but will never try to maintain the relationship. Because they feel its s relationship.

But yes if your tummy needs food daily as per your hunger. Then there’s some food your relationship will also need if you want to keep it ALIVE.

2nd point onwards is listed in the video itself. Check it out. 🙂 Peace!
Priti Kansra

Mercury Retrograde 28th April – 22nd May 2016

Mercury is going retrograde from 28th April – 22nd May 2016. Which means its already working. Mercury retrogrades are famous for their screwing up drama. But as this site is related to everything positive, and considering everything happening is for your good. I am considering all the good points before and then the warning points later on.

Good things you can do during this time – 

  • Whatever you have delayed till now, whatever is undone, or left incomplete will now. This is the best time to complete it. Whether you’ve been putting off something since days/ months/ years. This is the best period to finish it off. Or giving a completion to it.
  • If not completion then something to push the one that has stopped for a while.
  • Journeys might experience disturbances, double check your tickets/ documents before leaving.
  • Misunderstandings or conflicts might happen during this time, its common. To think positive and trying to see the good qualities in the other person will help to stretch your tolerance muscles. And help you grow spiritually. As we all know nobody is ever wrong in this world. Its just that people are different and have different perceptions and choices.

Things not to do during this time – 

  • Try not to start something totally new during this time. Chances are that it might not go any further. If you have been planning some task or project for long and its start-off is scheduled during the mercury retrograde then its fine. But don’t make any new plans while the retrograde is going on.
  • Now if you are into huge business and stuff, you might end up into situation that are unavoidable. And you might have to plan and move around during the retrograde. That’s fine! world doesn’t stop when things like this happen. Just be careful with all the documents and know the T & C well.
  • Getting taken away by an argument and deciding relationships, career, money based on that argument will cost you not just money but also people and a lot of work in future once the retrograde is over. Its the mercury retrograde energy that makes you feel totally fired up and angry with people or situations. But believe me, it will all calm down once the retrograde is over.

This was all from me for now, will be back with more interesting stuff later on! If you have any questions or comments drop them in below! 🙂

Yearly Tarot Prediction for 2016

Hey friends as it’s the new year coming up, I would like to give this special gift of predictions for how your next year is gonna be! They are predictions ofcourse, but you can always change your mindset and think better, act better if some part of the predictions are not as you desire them to be.

I guarantee that these predictions would be as close as 99% accurate and reliable. Yet they are done for the entire astrological sun-sign, and everybody has a different & unique astrological imprint and so the degree to which these predictions fall accurate will vary for everyone reading this. Some may find very much relevance and some may find few points relevant. Also the degree to which you experience these predictions may also vary.

If you have any further questions, based on this yearly reading then you may surely ask me to do so for $19 USD per question each.

Reversed cards show blockage of certain kind related to the card that’s been pulled.

Yearly Tarot Prediction for 2016-


For Ram's (Mar 21st - Apr 20th) -

Health-wise - Reversed Hierophant

Reversed hierophant

The reversed card says that there is something going on that is not right. This is related to health. You might be getting too indulged into junk foods and drinks that are not good for your health. And that you should control yourself with that.

This card also says that you will not be aware/ careful at all regarding your health and that you need to actually take care of your health and be watchful of what you eat as well as your sleeping time too. Whatever is required to make body well and fit should be followed. I am not saying that you will be affected by some health problem, but the card itself is giving signs that carelessness for health would be peak during this year and that you need to keep a check on that. Avoid too much of soda and alcoholic drinks.

Relationship wise - Reversed Four of Wands

reversed four of wands

This card here is again reversed. Reversed cards show blockage and this card is showing a couple. There are huge chances of a marriage being broken or at stake. If separation was intended between couples, this year would help to bring the decision. If you and your partner don’t intend separation then having patience and letting go certain factors in relationship will help. This ofcourse will help if both people want that relationship. Mostly there are chances of a relationship losing its connection or beauty.

If you are not married yet and just into an engagement or a relationship with someone then the relationship would seem worthless. Or it may seem losing its charm or luster.

Though mid-year your relationship might feel a bit better, but it may worsen again after august. Stay calm and patient. Accept your partner for what he/ she is. There is life even when your relationship isn’t going right. But ups and downs are part of life.

My Advice on this – If you are seeing this prediction, and feel its true then don’t just end your relationship based on this prediction. You can just wait and give your relationship a little time.

Career Wise - The Empress

The Empress

This area for you seems to be working quite well after a bit of disappointing upper areas of life. Whatever I just said what the Tarot told me.

This card actually shows that the career area is going to show some very good turning points. You might feel at the top of the world. (after all God always gives us what we want. If something doesn’t work quite right, something will just blossom. As we need balance of good and bad in life)

This card also feel as if the turning point in your career will also bring you a lot more money. This might be a one time bonus or a increment in your pay. Whatever it is, be wise at this moment. You are being blessed by Goddess Laxmi.

Money-wise - Reversed Knight of Pentacles

reversed knight of pentacles

This card again is reversed which means that money area is going to be a bit tricky this year. You might attempt to do things with money that might not make it stable. Handling money would be difficult for you. Also your wrong steps might make money to go out of your life, or make you loose a chunk of it.

My Advice on this – Because this card has appeared, I feel that you should not try to make any huge decisions or changes in your monetary and career life. You might feel compelled to do so, but try hard NOT to bring that change in your career or savings. This year doesn’t show good and wise awareness about money for you, and so its better not to make any shifts or decisions about money.

Overall - Reversed four of pentacles

reversed four of pentacles

Overall this year might seem to be a little discomfort as money issue might be huge this year. Also not just the money but the pain and stress of losing money or valuables might be more of a concern.

So what do you do with this knowledge now? When things are not going right regarding some areas, then there are certain things for sure that you can always take care of. When money isn’t guaranteed to stay forever, then you can always work upon the factors in your life that money cannot buy. Try working upon relationships with family, partner, at career and other. I am not saying that this would work, but you always have to give your best. And leave the rest to God.

For The Bull ( Apr 21st - May 21st) -

Health-wise - Three of cups

three of cups

Health-wise this year is going to be a rewarding one. The three of cups shows emotional stability as well as uplifted state. For this entire year you are going to enjoy emotional wellness. Happiness, laughter & love are going to be at their peak which will result in good health.

Also to help your health stay radiant try having more of greens & fruits. Fruit juices and healthy fluids will also help you to regain your health and get back into good shape.

Relationship wise - Reversed Knight of Cups

reversed knight of cups

The reversed of knights here shows a bit of stability and delay in your love life. Your most awaited relationships might get delayed this year. Also you might feel a stand-still getting into your relationship. Your love life may seem to lack lusture or loose lusture. At the same time this card still being here, you might hopefully cling to your relationship as you might still have expectations and hope from your relationship.

When things don’t work then staying positive and at peace with whatever is happening works. And this will help you to stay as positive and loving, that actually is needed for every relationship to nurture them.

Career Wise - Three of Swords

three of swords

This card here is a bit of disappointment in your career. You might find that things at your work desk are getting worse and disheartening. You might not love your work and feel dragged to go for work daily.

Life has to go on even when you don’t feel like doing something. Yes at some point if you are doing things that you don’t find pleasing at all. Then you can always find a few more activities that you would love to do. And so when you find your career boring then try to find out work that you’d love to do. I don’t suggest to leave work, just because of this ‘sucks’ feeling.

Money-wise - Reversed The Sun

reversed sun

This year is not too good for money. Not for making your money grow or save. Actually this year might prove that you might have to spend a chunk of money that you have already grown or saved. The process might totally be un-appealing. But still you might have to do it.

Also know this that your own negative mindset might be affecting this. Try to turn into positive thinking. Also if you are disconnected with nature you will find all sorts of negativity entering you. So try reconnecting with nature.

[If you’d like to increase your positivity level, and make your mind-set permanently change its structure to positive. Then you might also like this course of mine-> Positive Life Coaching. It helps to shift your mind to positive thoughts. And helps to make it a permanent practice.]

Overall - Reversed Two of Cups

two of cups reversed

Overall this year is not much good for relationships, friendships or anywhere where two’s are involved. Whether its relationship of male and female, whether of brother or sister, couples or business partners. Try to maintain your grounds even though your relationships might not seem to work. As this is just temporarily for this year, and long term partnerships should not be affected by such bumps.

For the Twins ( May 22nd - Jun 21st) -

Health-wise - Reversed eight of cups

eight of cups reversed

The reversed eight of cups show that cling on to whatever you are trying to let go. That would be good for your health. Also at the same time it also says your emotional problems that you are trying to get rid of, by escaping them might become a trouble for you. Emotional problems if are blocked inside you they will not leave you until you set them right. So whatever you feel is blocking try to let go. If you are not aware of your emotional pattern then try to follow Louise Hay’s book You can heal your life to help you release your emotional pattern based on physical conditions.

Relationship wise - Reversed the emperor

reversed emperor

Relationship wise you are not going to feel much in control this year. Which should not be taken as a negative sign. As when things dont go well, there is always a higher force that is acting upon them. You may feel totally out of control, or may find your personal charm in a relationship diminish. Acting passive and lacking interest may be at the peak for you.

Also try to know that you are into a relationship and not a dominion. So try to be more affectionate rather then just demanding or dominating. Loving is not dominating or acting possessive. Loving is setting people free. And letting them choose whatever they want.

Career Wise - Reversed nine of pentacles

nine of pentacles reversed

This area would seem a bit neglected this year. You may find that you might have to work too much and with little appreciation. Also your work might also go unnoticed.

There are also chances of demotion. Well this chance is rare and only few of you from the billions reading this article will be going through. Also you might have to come across a salary or pay cut or deduction, despite of working your ass- off.

Money-wise - Reversed Star

the star reversed

The card is also reversed. Actually for this sun sign I am seeing that all cards are reversed. Reversed cards usually show that there is a lot of blocking energy. And the blocking energy is formed inside you when you are not accepting the outer situations the way they are. Whether good or bad, but still they need to be accepted as the will of God.

This card reversed means that this year you should try very hard to control not to spend too much. You are a generous person and always try to spend lavishly. If not lavishly then you try to put control on being too generous. Money is good thing, also better when you try others to help. But you have to first make yourself safe and then think about others. If you are devoid of goodness of riches, then making others feel better will not feel great to you.

Overall - Reversed knight of cups

reversed knight of cups

Reversed card here says overall this year shows a kind of emotional blockage. You and your feelings might seem at conflict. There might be problems with expressing love and care to others.

Love is not wrong, and there’s nothing wrong in expressing it. But you need to keep in control over your negative emotions. Things always get bad due to your negative emotions and not love.

For the Crab (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) -

Health-wise - Nine of swords

nine of swords

This year seems not too good for your health. Unnecessary worries and sleepless nights will take a toll on your health. Problems that are yet not come, you will magnify them and get worried about them. One thing you should note about this, is that you cannot live like this. Life is meant to be lived with faith. When you loose faith in God that is when you start worrying about your future and how would you live in your future.

Let go all your worries, and help your self to become happy. Do everything that you love to do on a regular basis. And also take care of your sleeping schedules. Dont indulge in too much tea or coffee. Yes in life good things come with ease and you dont have to make an effort. But at times when your mind gets stuck on negativity then you will need to drag or even push yourself out of that.

Relationship wise - Three of Cups

three of cups

This year is good for your relationships. You will feel that relationships with your family and friends has become a warm and a rewarding one. You will enjoy company of like-minded people. And people will appreciate you of what you are.

Also for your personal relationships you might get good news if you are already married. A Baby is on its way to bring happiness to your home. Give yourself and your partner ample support and warmth to help this new soul come with ease and grace.

Career Wise - Reversed Strength

The strength reversed

This year your career will not seem too great. The situations at your workplace will make you weaker inside. Also this means that you need to strengthen your inner will, rather then just getting weak by outer circumstances.

Life always has a challenge at every step you take, and you need to either take it positively or negatively. The way you take it decides what your future will be. If you dont t ake it positively and accept it to make it into an opportunity. That thing will keep haunting you again and again. It will keep coming back to you again and again. So shoo out that weakness from within.

Money-wise - Reversed four of Pentacles

reversed four of pentacles

This year I am seeing that you will be using money freely. And by freely I dont mean that you will be lavishly throwing it away. But if you have been too cautious in past about using money. Then this year you will just take it easily. Money is something that’s meant to be used to help us get resources to make life easy. And so you must always use it effectively. Which you will be doing this year.

Keep a check though on yourself. Use money only when there’s a need to. Selflessly spending might also come this year, but dont be too selfless in spending. You need to think about yourself first and then about others.

Overall - Reversed King of Swords

King of swords reversed

Overall this year your logical and rational side is put to rest. You need to shake your emotional side and nurture it. Yes few areas are showing weak points. But in life you will always have to balance a few things whilst you have few things that are already balanced and fully blossomed.

Don’t fly too high with just your thoughts, now put your thoughts into action. Results will appear thereafter.

For the Lion (Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) -

Health-wise -Eight of Swords

eight of swords

Health area this year seems on stake. Not that I am saying something bad is going to happen. But constant ups and downs might make you wonder what’s next thing that’s going to come up. You might have developed a routine that does not include activities that are good for health. Not that I am telling you that you might be indulging in disastrous things. But your routine doesn't include time for rest and play in a healthy way.

Try to take short breaks regularly, also try to eat and drink water as per daily requirement. Also include exercising. Just eating healthy isn’t going to help. Maintaining a healthy exercising regime helps in maintaining your body’s stamina and fitness level.

Relationship wise - Reversed Nine of Pentacles

nine of pentacles reversed

This card shows that this year you might loose the richness in your relationship. The pleasures that your relationship gave you, might suck. You might feel tied up and not enjoying in the relationship. What pleased you before might now seem a burden for you.

I would advice that dont push yourself into any relationship. If you feel like then only give yourself into any relationship. Yes there are times when this happens. It doesnt mean that its end of that relationship. But sometimes there is also need for the “me” time. And so utilize this full year for spending good time with yourself too. Give some quality time to yourself. Its a wrong saying that you can enjoy only with people. You also need to enjoy your own company at times.

Career Wise - Reversed Hierophant

Reversed hierophant

The reversed of hierophant says that your career might seem a bit dry and meaningless. Though you might be in the right career but still you might feel its meaningless and worthless. You need to find a deep and spiritual meaning that you want your life to have. And then work upon it. Along with that you should work on your career, try to give your best shot at everything you do.

Also this year might seem that you need to listen to your heart and take steps in your career, rather then just listening the choice of some experiences person. Its doesn't mean you take some hasty step. But think well and then work out your career.

Money-wise - Six of Swords

six of swords

This card says that for money you’ll need to travel a lot. Maybe this might mean for you that you might have to travel distant places for meetings, projects, deals and making commitments. And this is okay. You should do it. It will be totally in favor for you.

Make sure that you keep your emotions balanced, and not let your emotions affect your inner stability and your money matters.

Overall - The Emperor

The emperor

Overall this year you saw that things might seem difficult. But this year has come to you just to make you more in control of yourself and you to take control of your life. Life sometimes has matters that may not seem in control. And at times, you might not even be able to take control of them. But time will always give you a chance to take control over matters that need attention.

Whats not in proper shape, try to mend it. Whats going on randomly, just put a check on it. And make sure there’s law and order on things that you can control.

For the Virgin (Aug 24th - Sep 23rd) -

Health-wise - Four of Wands

four of wands

This card shows a great sign for your health. This year you’ll enjoy good health. Also a healthy and emotionally balanced family life will result in making you feel that good health. Also your body will have ultimate fitness level. Make sure you feed yourself regularly with greens and fresh atmospheric surroundings.

You are a human and your body is made up of 5 elements. And so try to make all five elements freely available to you. Don’t just lock yourself up in your house and put on that A.C. Body needs natural environment to absorb good and healthy energy from surroundings.

Relationship wise - Nine of Pentacles

nine of pentacles

Relationships this year are going to be great. All that you have worked upon for your loved one’s is going to bear fruit this year. You’ll see great times with your family and your partner. Your loved one’s will make you feel loved, cherished and pampered!

Be yourself. Be honest with yourself. And do whatever you feel like. Give yourself in relationship when you feel like giving back. Don’t just push out of formality.

Career Wise - Reversed Six of Cups

six of cups reversed

Career this year may not seem too great. This year you might feel that people at workplace are not too loving and warm. Working there might just feel like a chore. All those relationships that you enjoyed in past at workplace would now seem tasteless.

Yes but still if this card is in the reading it also means that though you might feel like that you still have to keep working there. Also in other way this card must be telling you to stop making fluff at workplace with just chilling and merry making. And get to work seriously. You and your colleagues might have gelled up so much that you actually don’t feel it like a work place. And you all would crack jokes and eat drink and be merry most of the time. But there is a limit to everything.

Money-wise - Reversed Ace of Swords

ace of swords reversed

Money this year might not make a good beginning. You might have to loose some money at legal affairs or due to carelessness or indecisiveness. You need to be careful with handling money this year.

Also this problem with money is seen because you might be intellectually distorted or disturbed. Let your mind settle down. Don’t try to control your thoughts unnecessarily. When you try to control your mind too much then your mind will always try to pop out and escape and do more bizarre things. Just know that your mind is your friend and has been given to you to help you when in need.

Overall - Justice & Ace of Pentacles

justice ace of pentacles

Overall this year is here to cut off all what you don’t need. There’s going to be justice for you. All the matters that were stuck till now, will now quickly move in your favor. Legal matters might come to a final conclusion or in your favor.

Also this says that there’s going to be a good new beginning for you in terms of your health & materialistic world. Beginning of new work opportunities, beginning of a new phase with your healthy body. Being in love with this world and whatever things are operating in it. Its always a boon to see good things everywhere. Because when you feel its good everywhere, it actually starts happening in your life. When you feel its bad everywhere, bad always happens. This year you are going to see the scales tipping to the positive side.

For the Scales (Sep 24th - Oct 23rd) -

Health-wise - Queen of Swords & The Emperor

queen of swordsThe emperor

Healthwise this year seems that you need to be strict with yourself. Keep your diet under watch and control. You need to be very careful with your you eat, how much you eat. These two cards are for law and order and other one is for authoritativeness. Be the soledriver of your body’s health vehicle. Stop blaming other’s. And start living  healthy lifestyle like you’ve always dreamt of.

Also take regular rest. You need’nt work recklessly. Your body needs rest too. Listen to your body’s intelligence and act accordingly. What your body hasn’t loved for years, stop feeding that this year from now.

Relationship wise - The Hanged Man

the hanged man

Relationship area shows a limbo period. You may have been into this phase earlier too, but this phase still would continue for this year as well. Reasons for this card too appear here might be that you still not have not moved on from your past experience. Or that you might still have contracted beliefs that are not letting you find the goodness of another person.

Another reason for this year to be this way, is that in a certain way you are enjoying being like this. You have been this way for a long time and yet enjoy being this way. And this period would end when you yourself decide to get over it.

Career Wise - The Sun

the sun

Very positive and bright career this year promises this Sun card. Sun shines and so is going to shine your career. Career life may seem bright and fruitful this year. You might seem to set new records for yourself.

New avenues will open up for you. You will get a chance to expand your work and spread your message of goodness through you work to the world.

Be genuine and don’t shy back. You will get to open up yourself and charm the world by your genius. And do that. Its your time.

Money-wise - Two of Wands

two of wands

Money is going to get into your life this year. Ofcourse not just on its own. You need to get out and sing your tunes. To lure people into buying from you. If you are doing job then try to participate into boardrooms and meetings and conferences that your workplace are offering.

Participating in extra activities at work will help people to recognize your work skills. But it all will happen when you ‘do’ things that your heart is telling you to do.

Overall - Reversed Three of Wands

three of wands reversed

This year is not about sitting and waiting for some magic to happen. You don’t have to anticipate anything. This is the year for doing it. Or going and getting it right away.

Also don’t just keep waiting for things that you’ve long waited for. Stop there and start taking a fresh move in a different direction. All that makes you wait is not for you. You are a go getter and should behave like one.

For the Scorpions (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) -

Health-wise - Strength

the strength

This year your health is going to make you realize how important strength is. You might have to stretch your limits of physical work or bodily strength. Also know that strength & power is not that comes from anything outside. It has to come from within.

At times you might not have had enough calories to burn, yet your body can still have strength to deal with that situation. As your body is made in a certain way that you can always get energy for whatever you need at the moment.

Relationship wise - Reversed Three of Swords

three of swords reversed

Relationships this year are going to be more fulfilling and contending. Love is something that doesn’t come with understanding or logic. It just happens. And when you start loving someone you don’t have any choice then giving the person you love, unmeasured about of Love.

Also know that this year you need to make relationships more worthy and warm. Try to indulge in those relationships that make you feel good and love. And try to stay away from relationships that are not nourishing.

This year try NOT to go against your heart. Do whatever it takes to follow the voice of your heart. [To see the difference between the voice of ego and voice of heart, enter your details below]

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Career Wise - Ace of Cups

ace of cups

Career has new beginnings this year. It can be that you are going to begin your career this year. Or that you will be beginning a new job this year. Whatever it is, its going to be a great beginning. Know that this beginning just wont be plain hard ‘work’. Its going to be heart centered work that you would be passionate to do.

Also if there is not new job change happening to you this year, there might be opportunities that will make you feel new-ness in your current workplace. A new project or some additional work that you’d love to do. This might bring out the passion in you for your work.

Money-wise - Reversed Chariot

the chariot reversed

Money this year might seem out of control. First of all accounts might be difficult to keep. Also expenditure may seem out of control. You might not know where the money is being spent and there would be no idea where the money is coming from.

Well you need to control your self for this. There might be a yin/yang imbalance which you can balance easily. One is by wearing yin yang accessory or something similar. Also you can do a yin/yang balance by Anuloma Viloma Pranayama also called alternate nostril breathing.

Overall - Eight of Pentacles

eight of pentacles

Overall this year is the year for hard work and putting your best creative energy at work. You’re going to see instant results when you out your creative energy at work.

Give your best effort at whatever you do. You just don’t have to work or get engaged into something this year. Put your heart and soul at whatever you do this year. It may be possible that you might have to stay away from home or family or loved one’s from time to time. Yet this is not something that is a painful separation. But it’s a positive separation, you are staying away from them so that you can give them better.

For the Centaur (Nov 23rd - Dec 22nd) -

Health-wise - Page of Pentacles

page of pentacles

Health this year is going to be “great” you will be able to take your health to next level and become more fit and strong. Health doesn’t mean disease-less. But it means “heal-thy” which means your entire being is healed mind, body and soul.

This year brings you the opportunity to do so. If your body wasn’t much healthy then this year you can bring physical, mental and spiritual balance into your body. Yes I am saying you cn ‘bring’ and not that your body ‘will become’ that way. Because Tarot shows you predictions in a way that you need to follow certain steps to attain the end result.

If you end up with bad eating habits, or poor fitness exercises then the prediction cannot help you. You will get an opportunity to make your health great this year. Its upto you how you utilize it.

Relationship wise - Ace of cups

ace of cups

For relationships this year is going to be a great year. This year will see new relationships that are warm & fulfilling bloom up or you will find love re-kindling in existing relationships.

Your life might seem to be fully on roll, due to these satisfying relationships. Try to give your best in your relationships. Initiate the step into a new relationship if you feel the urge to do so. It’s the right time for this to happen. This card also promises that you would get a positive response for your initiation of love.

Career Wise - Reversed The Moon

the moon reversed

Career may start becoming more clear this year. You might already be into a career that might seem to be of no meaning. You might also feel that you were dragged or pushed into this career. But this year the coulds will be supposedly clearing showing you the clear way. You’ll know exactly the “why” of your career. When you are into something for what you know the higher purpose of if. Your passion and devotion for that work automatically increases.

Money-wise - Seven of Pentacles

seven of pentacles

For money this year says “wait and watch” yes exactly what you can see in the image above. You might have put a lot of effort at work, in your career, at your profession or business. And then comes a time when you have to just wait for your money to grow.

Also this might be advising you to put your money in savings and investments. So that they can “grow” as they lie safely with some investor.

Overall - Reversed Three of Swords

three of swords reversed

Reversed of three of swords is actually a good sign. This year you will be leading a path your heart says more then what your ego says. Also it means that this year you will be following your will, instead of the words of others.

This time would be really great for you. Not just doing great things, but doing little things that give joy to your heart. Are meant to be done this year.

For the Goat ( Dec 23rd - Jan 20th) -

Health-wise - Reversed High Priestess

the high priestess reversed

Health might seem to reveal something to you. You might have developed an unhealthy lifestyle for a prolonged time. And now is the time you are going to see the results of it.

Also this card shows that you might be ill affected by the waxing moon phases. You need to wear either moonstone or consult a gemologist to get the right thing for that moon issue. Also this is a general reading so it might not apply to everyone reading. But if you feel you are getting very sensitive to phases of moon then try getting a remedy for yourself.

Relationship wise - Two of Wands

two of wands

Two of wands for your relationships means this year is very good for two’s. Good for brother-sister relationship, couples, father-daughter relationship, mother-son relationship etc. These relationships will see great and positive building of warmth and passion in it. Also together you both can build up something passionately.

There is a lot with both of you that you can give out to this world. In terms of work, joy, skills and education. Try to do this. I know this is a relationship reading but this card is giving you direction. How you can build strings of your relationships strong with the work that you’ll be doing together.

Career Wise - Knight of Wands

knight of wands

Career wise this year is going to bring progress in full force. You might have to work hard, or additional hours to achieve your target.

Or this card might suggest that you are going to begin your career this year. Look out for the best things that interest you as a choice for your career.

You are supposed to make move in your career. Movement, action and taking the next step forward are all on this year’s “must-do’s”.

Money-wise - Two of Pentacles & The Tower

two of pentaclesthe tower

For Money this year I would like to show you a red signal. As there is also scarcity and something hard to accept coming up.

Keeping you well warned. Well for the revealing situation I would like to clarify that the situation might be huge for some while light for others. But it will bring quite about some revelation that might shock you or you might need time to digest what has already come. Well this card is to show a part of truth that you were not aware of till now.

And the first card shows that you need to use your money a little bit wisely. Try not to spend when there is no need to do so. Your ship is still in the sea and not come back to you. So its better to stay safe.

Overall - Reversed Six of Cups

six of cups reversed

Overall this year might seem less for older relationships. This year might be more for gelling up with new people. Yes it doesn’t mean that you have to totally forget the older friends. But this year has energy that will bring up new people in your life, and its time to work upon building that relationship.

Also this year it feels that there might be some conflicts with your childhood friends or cousins with whom you had quite a good relationship till now. But now it may seem to have turned sour or bitter.

Time can heal great amount of wounds, and so don’t try to heal the situation there and then. It may take some weeks or months to heal the pain that came into that relationship.

For the Water Bearer (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) -

Health-wise - Seven of Pentacles

seven of pentacles

Health wise the seven of pentacles say that you will need to keep a watch on your health. At several instances you might see your health needing attention. Try to be watchful of your health.

Yes when people similar like your age and body type don’t care for their health as much as you need to care for yours. Then there is surely resentment that “why me?” but body of everybody is different. Science gives the average based on research, but everybody is unique and no two people are same. And so you will need to take extra care of your health this year. Be watchful of what to eat and what not to eat.

Relationship wise - Reversed Three of Swords

three of swords reversed

This year you are going to be very satisfied and fulfilled with your relationships. As you are going to listen to your heart. You will be given opportunities where you can follow your heart more and push aside the worldly chatter.

Your mind is always giving you logically correct ways and solutions. But your heart is more correct in giving you solutions that will please you and give you more contentment. And so try to make sure that you listen to your will rather then your mind.

I have placed a link below this post for you to get extra details how to figure out the voice of heart. See below this post.

Career Wise - Page of Pentacles

page of pentacles

Career wise this year brings you some great news, some new additions to your existing career. Or a totally different idea of a new career. This can also show you a different career addition to your life.

More possibilities of additional career’s beginning this year is a possibility.

You may be the creator of a lot of money for people, resulting into your value being realized by your peers.

Money-wise - Ace of Swords

ace of swords

This year you have your mind that’s going to help you to gain more money, or ways to earn money.

Hindrances in your mind would’ve been a block for money in your life. But this year you’ll get opportunity to help clear those hindrances and think more bigger and brighter for finances.

You will get ideas that will help you to clear your financial problems or you’ll get ideas to earn more money. Also there might be opportunities for you to save more money & in a better way.

Overall - Judgement


Overall this card says that the year is somewhat is going to bring a huge shift in your life. Wherever you felt that life was stuck, things may get sorted out there.

The ‘shift’ that I have mentioned may or may not be too dramatic. If it doesn’t show anything happening on the surface then there is surely something happening internally.

Life at times shows you bad phase, and this is because of your bad karmas. Or past bad karmas. But this year all that baggage seems to be cleared. And you will be served with fresh opportunities about what you want your life to be for the rest of your lifespan. And what you think, feel and act will decide your future.

I would suggest that you cultivate truth, honesty, sincerity, loyalty and positive thinking as your core values for 2016. This will help you to develop a solid base for upcoming years. All negative qualities if develop as a base, your life will be unstable.

Extra Card - Reversed Six of Swords

six of swords reversed

This card was an extra addition to the general readings that I have done. This year also has a less of travelling, or a nudge that you shouldn’t travel much this year.

Also if you try to travel there might be problems or hindrances in that. You might have to cancel your trip or delay. Or maybe your plans for travelling might seem to keep on pending.

For the Fishes (Feb 20th - Mar 20th) -

Health-wise - Reversed Five of Cups

five of cups reversed

Health wise you will see an improvement in your emotions. Whatever you couldn’t let-go till now will leave you. You will be filled in with fresh hope and positivity which will show a good effect on your health.

Also while this is happening you’ll be feeling good. As well as this time will help you to let-go all of the past sorrows. And so you need to forgive, and be thankful for whatever you have in your life. So say thanks daily and forgive on daily basis.

When such a time comes into anybody’s life, it may not be directly able to wash off all emotional setbacks. And so you need to consciously forgive and let-go on daily basis. This will happen when you regularly affirm yourself with positive suggestions. Yes follow affirmations for a month or 3 month period. You may change your set of affirmations after that.

Relationship wise - Page of Pentacles

page of pentacles

Relationship wise this year is going to be a boon to you. You will be having new relationships blooming this year. These relationships can be on any level. Either friendship, love or companionship basis. Also it can be on professional front.

These new relationships that will form this year are the one’s to which you can look forward to. They will last for lifetime. And so don’t be in a hurry to make them bloom. What lasts a long time, needs to put a strong base and this year will help you to put that strong base in your life.

Career Wise - Reversed Six of Cups

six of cups reversed

Career wise this year tells you that you don’t have to wait for any of your peers to accompany you or help you to rise up or do the tasks that you are meant to do. If you fall alone here, then you are supposed to do it all alone. And just because the cards say so, I feel that you might not feel that ‘alone and left out’ kind of feeling that you’d feel otherwise.

Also cards warn not to get too much into merry making and sharing too much. First make your self safe and then save for your future. If then you have extra left, then share it. And for now sharing isn’t much advisable and so I would suggest that you just keep the extra part. As this year says a no-no for sharing.

Also you might enter into a mode of aloofness, try to share and open out your heart.

Money-wise - The Lovers

the lovers

This year is a wonderful year for abundance. Prosperity is going to flow and help you release all financial unwanted bonds (debts etc) and help you to go on plus in your accounts. You will enjoy the best of finances this year.

Well now this may be on different levels for all Pisceans, and so just note that whatever level of prosperity you get, happiness is going to be at peak.

Lovers card show that your money will come to you easily, and you will be using it wherever you feel like putting it. Its going to be a heart felt affair.

Overall - Reversed Six of Swords

six of swords reversed

Reversed six of swords says that overall this year plans that are related to travel or long distance travel will see a delay. Also long distant relationships might see delay, meet-ups might be delayed or cancelled. So just have patience. Its not always going to be like this.

Also this tells that you will not want to travel long distances or keep long distance relationships active as you might just not seem that want to wait or be delayed now.

This year only has delays, but not any break-ups and so whatever breaks are brought up by this year may get mended in future.


I have also done a Angel Yearly Prediction for the year 2016 on my Angel Reading site. See here to check yours….

If you have any doubts or questions about these readings, then please leave them in comments below.

If you have any additional questions related to this yearly reading, then you can get them answered by Tarot at $19USD each. If you have different questions, unrelated to this reading then please go here for getting a reading…

And here is the link for how you can distinguish the voice of heart from other mental chatter or voice of ego. Voice of Heart

What will happen on 22-23 September?


What will happen on 22-23 September, and what you have to do?

This topic is like buzzing everywhere on the internet, on youtube, and on just any thing social you can think of. I actually stumbled upon this thing just as september began. And was shocked to see how much info is present about it already on the net.

So here's what you are going to learn about September 23 2015 -

What's going to happen?

What to expect?

What you need to do, to prepare yourself?

Where to go from here?

So let's get into this topic. As usual I am using the Angel Tarot to get answer to these questions. Angel Tarot deck is what I love because it cuts all crap and negativity and gives us positive solutions right into out plate.

What's going to happen?

[To make you aware about the reading type I am
doing, I am not doing any reading that is going to scare the hell out of you. In life if anything negative happens, it happens with a reason. Usually the reason is to bring spiritual evolution for you. Though if I see something, then I surely point towards it. But I try not to make an issue out of an event that is happening(just to proudly show you how accurate my readings are), versus making you alert about how important the change is for you and how you need to prepare to be ready for the shift.]

What is going to happen on 22-23-sept?

So here's the cards, that I pulled out from the Angel Tarot deck. 1. Renewal, 2. Release, 3. The Emperor.

So these three being Majors, are quite pointing out to something Huge that is coming. Though I am trying to make this as practical & digestible as possible. Yet I want to keep the intuitive messages intact so am describing as they come. The Renewal card standing for the Judgement card in the normal Rider Waite deck.

  1. Renewal/ Judgement Card - This card on extremes shows that there's going to something like the judgement day. But this might not be for everyone on physical basis. Means not everyone is not going to experience the 'judgement day' on physical level. For those who are not going to experience it on physical level, might feel intense changes on inner level. These changes are transformational changes on mind, emotions and soul level.
  2. Release - To help with the judgement shift there comes the Release card or the 13. Death card of the rider waite. Now this card shows physical destruction. Though I feel there is some amount(2-5%) of physical destruction on earth. The major destruction will take place on mental level and emotional level. To help adjust to this shift you need to LET GO and LET GOD. Trust in the process of Life and let God take charge of making all the beautifying of your life.
  3. The Emperor - This card somewhat shows me a negative kind of authoritative figure. Yes there might be some, authoritative figure that might show some negative traits, or show their true 'face or colors'. Now this may not be too dramatic. It may just be a controversial public appearance or a controversial public statement.

What to expect ?

So now comes the cards, about what you can expect. These different types of cards Im bringing up just to clear off all the different things/ myths that you might have read on the net. I don't say that only my advice is followable, and rest all others are fake. Well I have tried to make this readig more digestible and practical.

What to Expect from 22-23 September?


  1. Sun - Sun card here says that there can be a lot of positive stirring up in the world. You are expected to be confident in yourself and follow your heart. Brilliant new ideas and new opportunities are expected to follow. While the two cards that showed up spontaneously made me think that positive thing is going to come up and you can expect the Saviour to show-up his face to the world. There is a little on your part too. There is a soul, part of God within you. And so you too are supposed to play your saviour self! dont just sit and expect some great force to come and color your life. You need to step up and color it yourself, as well as bring colors to other's life.
  2. King of Air - Speak with confidence. You need to be confident about yourself. Yes there might also arise some physical or mental conditions, try to baalance them. When you get fearful, confused or feel any negative emotions then you tend to being imbalance. To have confidence in yourself and your beliefs will make you balanced and happy.

What you need to do, to prepare yourself?

What you need to do to prepare for 22-23 September?


  1. Six of fire - Well for preparing yourself, you need to be ready for some fiery action. You can see the fire at play here. As both cards are of fire. And the first card says that there's going to be some movement, some action, some surprises, crowding and chaos you need to be prepared for it.
  2. King of Fire - Also this card says that to prepare yourself you need to be sure that rather then being prepared to 'attack' on physical dimension you keep all your sword safely covered. And just be ready and tread forward with your sharp mind. What a mind can do, a sword cannot do.

Where to go from here?

Where to go from here?


Ofcourse you need to know where to go from here. Means this 23rd september haul is huge, and there has to be some way that you know you need to go after this huge things settles down. And yes there is a way. Luckily a good way & Positive way.

  1. Justice - This card shows there can be expected more justice in the world after this thing settles down. Taking the cards meaning very literally. Also I feel that because justice card is here, there can be expected extreme punishments for -ve.
  2. Ten of Earth - This card shows that a happy family life will prevail. Or the settlement of this planet's inhabitant's as a whole one family can begin from here. But the results cannot be expected to be seen this quick. It will take years, but the seed will be planted from here. How much you can expect this card to show its effect? well just 1%, it can be more but for now I feel this is where it begins.


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So this is what I feel the September is bringing for us. If you too can read tarot, or you are trying to learn Tarot from my free Tarot course, then too you can try to decipher the meaning of this reading.... There is no wrong or right, you just need to tell what your cards say.... 🙂

Beginning + Major Arcana


Lesson 1 -

Beginning + Major Arcana

Today we officially begin with the Free Tarot training. So I totally expect that you have already bought your Tarot Cards & Book(if you need).

You need to get Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine. As I use this deck in my trainings. Also I use this deck for readings, and its perfect and very accurate. Also if you feel you need to buy a book to help you assist in your learning. Then try getting this book, its written by me. And its like a must have for every Tarot Reader!

So now getting started. First of all to learn Tarot and to become a good Tarot Reader, all you need is a Tarot Deck and a passion for learning. And I think you have both, that is what made you hop in here! 🙂

So when you begin with Tarot you need to know a few things. Certain things are compulsory and certain things can be done by choice.

Mandatory in your Tarot Reading journey -

  1. Meditation upon your Cards
  2. Clearing your cards(what I will teach you in a moment)+Carrying your cards for 21days+Keeping deck untouched.
  3. And lots of Practice!

Things you can do by your choice -

  1. Rituals with your deck. Before and after reading.(We'll get there)
  2. Putting your cards in a wooden box, and getting a purple or silk cloth.
  3. Getting a personal space for reading, giving a spooky feeling! (LOL)


Mandatory for Tarot Reading journey -

1. Meditation upon your cards is VERY IMPORTANT - 

This is like a must must must do for every Tarot Reader. You can just imagine that everytime you meditate, you just make yourself a better Tarot Reader. You not just will gain intuitive skills & powers out of meditating regularly over your cards. But also will gain confidence while you give out readings.

So assuming that you are total new beginner here, so you might also pose a question here. "How to meditate?" So to help you with this. I already have a great meditation for you, over here --

Just download it from here --
download full meditation program



If you liked the above Meditation, and would love to get the entire set. Then please go here...

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2. Clearing your deck + Carrying it with you for 21 days.

This step is the second most imp thing. Clearing the deck as it will accumulate the energy of the readings you do. Reading are usually done to find answers to problems, and so problems carry a heavy energy. So deck needs to be cleared regularly.

Deck Clearing - Hold the deck in your palm, and cover it with another plam. And imagine there is a shaft of white light emerging from Heavens and entering your deck. And all dirty, muddy colors are leaving your deck. Do this till you feel its right. You'll know when its done!

Carrying the Deck - Carrying the deck with you all the time, when you are beginning. This helps you to make the cards 'yours' and also the help you get one with the cards. Eat, sleep, roam about whatever you do. Carry your deck with you. This step is most important, as for me. As I feel the cards literally become more accurate after the start getting used to my energy!

Keeping the deck untouched - This is huge. Tarot Readers sometimes let clients choose their cards with their hands. I usally dont allow to touch the deck at all. I feel they stay more accurate when I ONLY touch them. But its still your choice, you may or may not allow. I have seen Tarot Reader's getting equally accurate readings even with their clients touching their decks. But make this a point. Don't let any stray people to touch your deck. Your deck should be used only for READINGS. I know many people will come to you who might just want to touch and see the images of all the cards. Well, restrict! Tell your family & friends to touch cards only with your permission!

3. Practice -

So this lesson is nothing new, but all you know from your school days. You need to Practice inorder to polish your skills & boost your confidence. Do you know that you can get better and better every time you read your cards. Its not that you reach a certain state in your Tarot Reading journey, and bells ring from the heaven that "Ohh Honey! You are now ready for reading the Tarot"

You can start reading the cards from Day 1. Which I too did 10yrs back. And totally fell in love with Tarot.


Things you can do by your choice -

There are several things that you might find in Tarot books that say that doing certain ceremonies/ rituals or rules before reading or after reading is helpful. Though I don't say they are a must for everyone. But somewhere these rituals help you to ground and bring to your awareness that "you are Reading your cards!"

1. Rituals with your Deck -

There are many rituals that you can do with your deck, before and after reading. This just helps your mind to mark that reading has begun so that you can come into your wise and intuitive mode. And when its over, you again get back into your normal life.

  • You can burn incense sticks, or burn sage and run it through the cards. Before and after the reading. Some use this method to clear off energy from the cards. This method can also mark as a good beginning & ending ritual.
  • You can hold a crystal point in one hand, and move it around the deck thrice(or any number you choose) to mark as the beginning. And move it in opposite direction to mark completion of the reading.
  • You may also say a prayer, to your angels or spirit guide/s to call them + make yourself aware that you are now ready to receive messages from intuition. The prayer can be like....

angel prayer


2. Storing your Deck -

Though storing the deck isn't much of an issue, we can always store it in a drawer or a closet. But Tarot History has special storing instructions for Tarot Cards. You can do this, or not. Totally your choice. There are tarot reader's who follow this rule as an iron clad rule. Whereas there are other reader's who dont this at all. And still are reading well. So following these rules or not, wont affect your tarot reading skills.

  • Storing your deck in a purple/ black cloth. This cloth is either or silk or velvet. Why? because velvet or silk gives us an instant feeling of 'royal' & 'delicate-ness'. Also the color is of significance. Black or Purple color doesn't allow any stray energies to creep in the deck when its not in use. The cloth ensures that your deck stays positive.
  • Also second storing instruction, is that you store it in a "Wooden Box", which doesn't have any metal fixings. You can get this type of box made. Or today's world offer's a similar & easier way. Plastic Box easily fixes into this requirement. As well as is cheaper & lighter to carry around.

3. Getting a Personal Reading Space -

Getting yourself a personal space, is somewhat of importance. As all spiritual practices need a special space to make those practices more effective. Same applies to Tarot Reading practice as well. Now if you don't have a Special Space, you needn't worry. You can begin where you are, with what you have. Later on when its possible you can get/design your own space.

  • You can design your own space or get it designed, with spiritual symbols. Spiritual coloring like blues or violets etc can pop-up a spiritual corner instantly.  These colors are of the third eye & crown chakra helping you to get into that mood instantly.
  • You can also create an altar at this spiritual place, and decorate it with crystals & pot pourri etc.

Beginning with Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are total 78 cards, divided into two main parts. These two are named Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana has total of 22 cards. And the Minor Arcana has total of 56 cards. Today we are going to begin with the Major Arcana Cards. Make sure you have your deck with you, else you can come back to this page again when you have your deck...

Get your deck here... Angel Tarot Cards

Major Arcana -

Major Arcana is the first half of the Tarot Deck. And is numbered from 0 to 21. Totalling up to 22 cards. Yes it has a card numbered '0'. That's because the card is the first card and marks the beginning of the deck. And the card not just marks the beginning of the deck, it also depicts the same meaning in the reading. Beginnings in life. Birth of a child, new relationship beginning, new job, new project, new venture etc.

The Major Arcana cards hold a Deeper meaning & depict Greater shifts in a soul's journey. And so whenever you get a major arcana card. You know its more  important then other minor cards in your reading.

All cards have a picture and every picture holds a story. Try meditating on the first card, fool card. And then try to see what story the card tells you. The cards do speak even without meditation. But meditating will help you to get more deep into your subconscious mind and get best possible meaning for that card. Your subconscious mind is said to have all the answers of this universe, as its connected to the spiritual world.

Download your meditation here, if you haven't done it yet.

Try to flip through each card, and see what feeling/ thoughts each card brings. You can write your experiences with your cards in a special Tarot Journal or a notebook.

Assignment #1

- Clear your deck, and charge it with your energy(carry it around). Create your own space or prayer and follow it.

- Assignment for this lesson is that you have to go through each and every card of Major Arcana. Lay them out in any format and try to create a story around it. There's nothing right or wrong in this. You just have to do it, and then share your assignment progress about what you discovered.

To submit your assignment progress, comment below..


Free Beginer’s Tarot Course

Hello, Im Priti welcome to the Free Tarot Course. This course is for beginners as well as those who have already begun tarot reading and are learning on the way.

Priti Wonder

I have been a reading Tarot since past 10+ years now, and bouy I must say it was really a great journey. With many happy customers. I have created this free Tarot course keeping you in mind. As I know many beginner’s just have no clue where to go and what to do, which books to read if want to learn Tarot. I too tried to learn it on my own, then took a course and slowly started to paddle my Tarot boat.

Tarot Cards

If you would Love to join this course, then you need to do these steps…


  1. Sign up for this free program below, do it right now

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2. Share this page with your friends so that you all can learn Tarot together. Learning Tarot together is always fun and insightful. You learn faster and gain confidence as well.


3. Join Facebook Group. This will be the dwelling place for New Tarot Readers. And you can ask questions here.



4. Get a Tarot Deck for yourself to get set, for the course when it starts! You CANNOT learn tarot without a Tarot Deck!

Important Frequently Asked Questions - 

Who must join?

If you are a total beginner, to a tarot aspirant. Then you may join this course.

What if I am an Advanced Tarot Reader and still want to join?

Well you are welcome to join, there will be some insightful revelations for you as well as others. As you can help beginner's by giving your valuable comments about each lesson.

Is there any hidden Fees?

There is no hidden fees, anyone subscribed to the course will receive free training material.

Do I have a Paid Course?

Yes, I do conduct paid courses as well only once a year.

Is this course enough for me to learn tarot fully?

This is a basic beginner's course, you will find all you need as a beginner to learn about Tarot.

Can I start reading cards after this course?

Yes for sure, this course though basic it will help you to develop confidence to begin reading cards within a few weeks.


How to know when to start reading Tarot Professionally?


Professional Tarot Reader

How to know when to start reading Tarot Professionally? If you are into tarot reading and you are really serious about reading tarot. And making it your profession. Then this is a pressing question that you might be facing at every instance. There are several reason's why this question haunts Tarot aspirants. First is because you might feel that experience of a number of years is important. Then also you might feel that a certain age, might make you feel mature enough to appear as a 'problem solver'. And many other such belief's. Let's see into this....

What does it need to become a professional Tarot reader?

Tarot Cards


Tarot gives satisfaction









To begin reading tarot you need just a tarot deck and a passion to read the tarot cards. This is usually there inside you, if you are reading this post. As reading this post somewhere proves that you are passionate about Tarot and somewhere inside you want to start reading it sincerely. Read through this post carefully, if you really want to make it professionally.

Apart from this you need to learn how to read the cards. You need to know what the cards mean. You also need to know to comfort and console people who come to you for help. As most of the people who come to you must be someone is trouble and needing help & support. You also need to have confidence with reading the cards.

You need to have some kind of experience with your cards before you get into the profession of Tarot reading. And so you can always begin reading for your friends & family once you begin learning with your cards.


Is there a perfect age?

There is actually no perfect age to begin with Tarot. Though being reasonably a bit elder in this profession always helps, as you have gone through life experiences and you know the truths of life upto a certain extent.

If you have been mature enough by learning about different problems through spiritual texts, then even practicing at a young age wont be a hurdle. As the advice would reflect your knowledge. Yes initially you might have to face questions.

Yet being too young like around 10-15yrs of age would not be advisable. Yes to serve people of this age would work fine, as both have similar challenges & problems.

When can you start reading?

You can start reading Tarot as soon as you start learning Tarot. Actually Tarot is best learnt when you have your own deck and you start practicing it while going through different exercises.

For reading for people for charging money you need to be experienced enough and confident enough to pull off as a tarot reader. As if you just rush into the reading process for getting money, I would like to warn you that you might bump into customers that sometimes are not pleasant enough. Well I am not scaring you. But this is a fact that you will get such people. As every Tarot reader has always had a story about such a customer.

Why? because people who are in trouble will only come to you. And it might end in them throwing their frustrations upon you. If you are experienced enough, you can frame a "code of Ethics" to help customer's learn what their ethical behaviour should be like. If they want to get reading from you. This helps them to know "they need to respect you". Though try to do it in the most polite way. As you want to serve, right!


Certification is not necessary but its important.

Tarot Certification

To read the cards, you don't need a certificate. But to read tarot professionally, you need to have a certificate. As it gives your customer's an idea that you have learned it from an authentic cource and that you are reliable. The same like getting a degree to make your employer aware that you can be relied upon with the subject.

Tarot reader's when certified, always give a sense of relief to the customer's as they know they are receiving "life-advice" from someone who can be relied upon and who has learnt from a reliable & recognized source.

You are always more relieved when you see a Certificate on a Doctor's wall, that you are visiting. You feel a sense of relief that you are in safe hands. Where someone is learned enough to deal with you well.

How to gain confidence?

Practice... Practice... Practice...

Tarot Practice

You need to pratice reading, inorder to gain confidence in reading the tarot. When you are a newbie and you are learning, you can always tell that to people you are reading for; so that they can be a help to you in the reading the process rather then just being judgemental.

Yes you might come across people who will question your experience and knowledge, just so that they know whether you are really trustworthy so that they can load you with their load of problems.


What to do if your readings are not accurate?

If you are a beginner this might happen, or if you have not learned Tarot from a proper source then you this problem might occur. Moreover if you are not confident in your-self then too problem you might face.

But this doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you. I have seen that inaccurate readings arise when the question is asked incorrectly. If you ask the right questions with Tarot then there are lesser chances of readings going inaccurate.

Also you need to practice more. As well as meditate upon your cards. Most inaccurate readings arise when you have not connected with your intuition while answering the question. Meditation upon the cards helps you to develop your intuition.

If you feel you are not connected to your intuition, and need to polish accuracy with Tarot cards.

Here's a great Free Meditation for you to begin with.

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Do you have any questions please meave it in comments below, I read all the comments and answer all that require one. 🙂

See you next week, here with yet another Tarot topic that you want to know about the most!.

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Tarot Cards for Love & Sexual Attraction

Tarot Cards can show a number of things including showing Sexual Attraction. Love and Sexuality is a common part of every human’s life. What people always want to know is that what’s truly infused with Love as well as balanced sexuality. Or whether the relationship is vaguely based on sexual attraction. As many of us is vary of the fact that such a relationship loses its lusture very quickly.

So let’s get into this. There are a couple of cards that show love & sexual attraction. Also there are certain combo’s of cards that show Love, sexual attraction and only sexual lust.

Cards Showing Love – 

ten of cups, tarot wisdom tip two of cups, tarot wisdom tip ace of cups tarot wisdom tips









These are some of the cards in Tarot Pack that show Love. Also the show Sexual attraction. Though it can’t be identified very clearly whether how much Love and how much Sexual attraction is there. As these both energies are inter-related. Deep Love is directed towards Sexual feelings. And sexual feelings are expressed as Love. Not always Sexual feelings mean love. But many do think it as Love initially.

Also these cards show not just sexual attraction but also Love, care and connection. With just sexual attraction there is lesser of care and connection. Though just sexual attraction leads people towards caring for each other and loving each other. But not always. Yet there’s a possiility.

10 of Cups – shows a very balanced Love & Sexual connection. As there is Love, caring, connection bewteen two people as well as their creation ‘kids’ also with them reflection deeply connected sexual & love energy.

2 of cups – might be a mix of love & attraction. Its actually the initial pull that people feel towards each other. And there might not be any explained reasons for that ‘pull’. And so this can also be a form of fascination.

Ace of Cups – Ace of cups shows intense Love. Also new beginnings of Love relationship. This might be new or re-kindled relationships.

The Lovers – The ultimate card about Love. This card is all about deep and passionate Love. You can be assured that the person you are with is here ‘for you’ when this card pops up.

Cards Showing Sexual Attraction – 

The Devil, Tarot Wisdom Tip ace of pentacles, tarot wisdom tip

four of pentacles








These cards show more of sexual attraction, lust and feelings that are vague show less of love but more of sexuality that can be violent. Though sex isn’t a bad energy, whatever you obsess about gains a bad name. And same is with sex. When you dwell more on sexual feelings you tend to bend more and more over this subject and keep getting deeper into it.

The Devil – shows the excess of sexual energy. Where you/ client might be totally into a sexual obsession. And the name devil itself says that there is more of sexual contact with no hints of care and love. Though there can be many relationships that begin with Love but they do get to an extent where they get sexually obsessed.

Ace of Pentacles – The ace of pentacles is another card showing more of sexual contact. I cant say attraction. But this is a more steady approach to a sexual relationship. Partner’s might be ‘appearing’ loyal, yet they are loyal due to their sexual instincts. They may be well connected. A strongly bonded physical relationship.

4 of pentacles – This is a case where there can be excess of possessiveness amongst one or both sexual partners. Which may lead to blocking each other from progressing further in life.

So that’s all from me, Im sure you too have some thing more to add to this post. Please share it in comments below. Yes don’t be shy to comment first, or think that you are just a beginner. I too was a beginner some years back, and everybody has to start somewhere.

Let me know what’s your thought about these cards…



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