Tarot Cards can show a number of things including showing Sexual Attraction. Love and Sexuality is a common part of every human’s life. What people always want to know is that what’s truly infused with Love as well as balanced sexuality. Or whether the relationship is vaguely based on sexual attraction. As many of us is vary of the fact that such a relationship loses its lusture very quickly.

So let’s get into this. There are a couple of cards that show love & sexual attraction. Also there are certain combo’s of cards that show Love, sexual attraction and only sexual lust.

Cards Showing Love – 

ten of cups, tarot wisdom tip two of cups, tarot wisdom tip ace of cups tarot wisdom tips









These are some of the cards in Tarot Pack that show Love. Also the show Sexual attraction. Though it can’t be identified very clearly whether how much Love and how much Sexual attraction is there. As these both energies are inter-related. Deep Love is directed towards Sexual feelings. And sexual feelings are expressed as Love. Not always Sexual feelings mean love. But many do think it as Love initially.

Also these cards show not just sexual attraction but also Love, care and connection. With just sexual attraction there is lesser of care and connection. Though just sexual attraction leads people towards caring for each other and loving each other. But not always. Yet there’s a possiility.

10 of Cups – shows a very balanced Love & Sexual connection. As there is Love, caring, connection bewteen two people as well as their creation ‘kids’ also with them reflection deeply connected sexual & love energy.

2 of cups – might be a mix of love & attraction. Its actually the initial pull that people feel towards each other. And there might not be any explained reasons for that ‘pull’. And so this can also be a form of fascination.

Ace of Cups – Ace of cups shows intense Love. Also new beginnings of Love relationship. This might be new or re-kindled relationships.

The Lovers – The ultimate card about Love. This card is all about deep and passionate Love. You can be assured that the person you are with is here ‘for you’ when this card pops up.

Cards Showing Sexual Attraction – 

The Devil, Tarot Wisdom Tip ace of pentacles, tarot wisdom tip

four of pentacles








These cards show more of sexual attraction, lust and feelings that are vague show less of love but more of sexuality that can be violent. Though sex isn’t a bad energy, whatever you obsess about gains a bad name. And same is with sex. When you dwell more on sexual feelings you tend to bend more and more over this subject and keep getting deeper into it.

The Devil – shows the excess of sexual energy. Where you/ client might be totally into a sexual obsession. And the name devil itself says that there is more of sexual contact with no hints of care and love. Though there can be many relationships that begin with Love but they do get to an extent where they get sexually obsessed.

Ace of Pentacles – The ace of pentacles is another card showing more of sexual contact. I cant say attraction. But this is a more steady approach to a sexual relationship. Partner’s might be ‘appearing’ loyal, yet they are loyal due to their sexual instincts. They may be well connected. A strongly bonded physical relationship.

4 of pentacles – This is a case where there can be excess of possessiveness amongst one or both sexual partners. Which may lead to blocking each other from progressing further in life.

So that’s all from me, Im sure you too have some thing more to add to this post. Please share it in comments below. Yes don’t be shy to comment first, or think that you are just a beginner. I too was a beginner some years back, and everybody has to start somewhere.

Let me know what’s your thought about these cards…



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