Last year I came to know the true power of the TOWER card. Saying this it really feels like saying Lord Voldemort and how you should not say His name. Whatever it is, yet the tower card showed its TRUE meaning to me last year.


Its not that I didn’t know the power of the card before. I read successfully for myself and other’s before that too. But as the year 2014 was a year of revealations for me. That I re-discovered meanings of various cards, happenings of my life.

Tower is truly a very powerful card, and to be clear it is the powerful card that can really shake your roots and make you question the mere base of what you’ve planted things in your life.

The title clearly tells you how you need to be very prepared when this baby pops up in your reading, or get your client prepared to accept what’s coming. Terrifying Tower means that it reveals a very terriffic thing to you that you didn’t know. Which you werent aware of. And tremendously Tower is because the tower actually shows you bare truth. Truth is the only thing that exists in this universe. And what’s untrue brings misery. Truth brings clarity and light. But truth sometimes can be so staggering and bitter that its difficult to accept.

You have known those times when Truth was the most difficult thing that you could digest. God is kind enough to not give us too many tower moments altogether in our life all at once. He has distributed them about everywhere in every area of our life throughout out life, so that you get enough time to digest them.

Truth the more quicker you accept the more quicker you adapt to the coming change.

And so Tower though being an extremely unacceptable or inexpectable card in our reading. Turning the tower card in your reading just asks you to buckle up and get prepared for getting some sharp blow of truths or break of belief’s, unexpected surprises coming your way.

If this post scares you, I can’t help it(LOL). But just writing it out was necessary. So I did it.

Now its your turn, what do you feel the Tower says? Have you had tower reveal shocking info about your life? Share it in comments below. Tarot can be best learnt by sharing your views & learning about it from other fellow readers.

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